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What is Submit 2 Fitness?

Submit 2 Fitness exists to provide you with a complete resource to achieve all of your goals ranging from short-term fitness and performance to long-term health and wellness. We realize that everyone is different and that each person has individual needs that should be addressed by a multi faceted approach in order to achieve lasting results.

What is Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit?

Our goal at Submit 2 Fitness is to provide our members with a plethora of resources to achieve their be it short-term fitness, high levels of performance, and long-term health and wellness. We value the individuality of our members and each of their specific needs and thus we pride ourselves in addressing each need through a multi-faceted approach in order to attain lasting results.

Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit

The Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

CrossFit may not be for everyone. However, the intensity, along with the variety of different exercises allows for an interesting and amazing journey. With the guidance of our Coaches, you will build physical strength, confidence and mental stimulation.

Working out hard is great, but it’s only great if you’re working hard with the right form. We are dedicated to making sure you’re doing exercises that are right for you and will provide the best results and limit your risk of injury. We screen and assess each person before training to make sure we are delivering a workout that best suits your needs. Submit 2 Fitness is a fitness and performance training facility that uses the most cutting edge programs with each individual.

We Offer

All classes for CrossFit and Kettlebell are offered in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Personal and Semi Private Personal Training, Large Group Personal Training is also available. This includes monthly clinics and nutritional consultation. Submit 2 Fitness provides you with a team of professionals that will guide and support you on your journey to achieve your goals.

We can help now!

To schedule a free consultation to try and decide if Submit 2 Fitness is the right fit for you, give us a call at (201) 892-1100 or click on the Contact Us tab more information. Se habla Español.


Our programming is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience and fitness level. We realize that CrossFit comes off as an intimidating sport to many but we are committed to proving otherwise! The intensity and variety of our workouts provide an environment of excitement in which our members can thrive. We stand by the CrossFit definition of optimizing fitness through “constantly varied fuctional movements performed at relatively high intensity”. What functional movements seek to enhance besides our fitness levels is our daily lives. Parents become stronger moms and dads able to swoop their children up in a single, efficient movement. Sedentary business professionals become more agile, mobile versions of themselves. Essentially, what we seek to do is help you become a better version of yourself! Under the watchful guidance of our coaches you will build not only physical strength but also mental strength, therefore building an unbreakable confidence!

Safety is our priority!

We get it, CrossFit has a bad reputation for injury prone workouts. The simple, honest truth is this: You can get hurt anywhere, doing anything. Any sport becomes dangerous under poor coaching, poor technique, and poor form. Safety is truly one of our biggest priorities here at Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit. As a member you will be under the watchful, knowledgeable guidance of our skilled coaches. We emphasize working out under the right conditions and proper form and technique each and every repetition! Additionally, we screen and access each person before training to ensure we are delivering a workout be suited for their needs.

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